Our Core Methodologies

We believe to serve the insurance industry with a blend of technology and insurance expertise.

Premium Software

ARIMA is a software company primarily dedicated to the development and provision of state-of-the-art software solutions for the insurance and reinsurance industry. Our Products include General, Medical, Life and Reinsurance in addition to front-office portals and mobile solutions catering to the needs of clients, agents and sales distribution.


ARIMA Insurance Software products combine years of professional industry knowledge and technical expertise from teams of underwriters, actuaries, claim assessors, financial professionals, IT specialists and insurance managers from the insurance domain.


ARIMA apply methodologies and innovation in its products and services from the very stage of design to implementation. Our processes are streamlined from initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and closure.


ARIMA provides support 24x7(365 days) with focus on SLA and Quality Deliverables. Our approach is pro-active and timely and is aimed at achieving total customer satisfaction (TCS).


ARIMA products are built on Oracle database as a back-end system utilizing the .NET framework as the front-end system. ARIMA is currently Gold partners with Oracle and Silver partners with Microsoft which provides us access to the latest tools and technology trends.


The ARIMA Team undergo extensive technical and business courses, which provides a unique edge in understanding the client needs and delivering technical sound results.

Client Base

We have over 80+ clients in 26 countries. Our core products are implemented at some of the top names in the insurance domain. Our client base is from Africa, across the Middle East, into South-East Asia.

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